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Prosperise Capital is a global asset manager that has multi-cycle experience investing in corporate credit, fixed income and distressed debt with industry-recognised ability to generate rewarding opportunities for investors. Prosperise Capital LLP is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

About Prosperise

Prosperise Capital LLP has offices in London and Milan allowing the firm to source, identify and capture alpha from opportunities in a range of public and private credit markets spanning the liquidity spectrum for global professional investors.

The investment team have been together for nearly a decade winning numerous awards in liquid and special situations credit.

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Approach & Process

The investment team utilises a PRISM “Perspectives on Risk In Several Markets”. It complements our disciplined fundamental analysis. The PRISM Investment method is a framework that improves investment decision making and gives Prosperise an informational advantage:

  • Prosperise invests using fundamental credit expertise in three contiguous business lines (liquid credit, structured credit, private credit)
  • Our position at the intersection of these markets allows us identify patterns and relationships that cannot be seen by single market participants
  • The PRISM investment method unifies disparate signals into a cohesive outlook that guides our portfolio construction and influences individual security selection

"The Prosperise investment team uses a collaborative approach combining their specialised skills offering a unique perspective."

Gennaro Pucci
Founder & CIO

Team & Experience

The Prosperise investment team have been together for nearly a decade.

The team’s wide-ranging investment experience encompasses structured credit, non-performing loans and liquid credit trading, as well as fundamental and quantitative credit research.

Each member has experience in at least one full credit cycle and is an expert in their market. The team has a culture of adaptability aiding the generation new rewarding opportunities.

Prosperise Capital team

"It is not the ship so much as the skilful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage."

George William Curtis

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